Questionnaire Feedback

Report of meeting on 21st October at Kingsbury Barn

This was the first of our meetings to include a social element – what the majority of members who responded to our questionnaire told us you would like. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the barn (where we didn’t need our warm woollies) and 27 of us met to have an update on the Society’s activities and to discuss the results of the members’ questionnaire. Following a short presentation summarising the results of the questionnaire (slides available here) there was a lively discussion which continued over refreshments. All those present were pleased to receive our regular emails and there was a clear view that when we are seeking views or offers of help a single topic email is preferred. We will do that in future wherever practicable.

A number of areas of interest to be taken forward in working groups were identified- including blue plaques, environmental issues including traffic impacts and better liaison with other Civic Societies. We are delighted that some members immediately put their names forward to be actively involved in these activities – and if others may be interested then please let us know.

Our next steps are to incorporate these ideas into our draft five-year plan and we will be holding another meeting in the spring of 2019 to discuss and finalise this draft plan. The date and venue are not yet fixed but we will again include a sociable element as everyone present felt that was worthwhile.

We were disappointed by the relatively small numbers attending. We recognise that members have busy lives and maybe Sunday afternoons are not ideal. We will try another time of the week for our next such meeting and do hope that as many members as possible will be able to come along – settling on our plan and priorities for the future is important for all of us.

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